Biofinity Toric | 6 Pack


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The Biofinity Toric contact lens is a high-quality, silicone hydrogel lens designed for individuals with astigmatism. Manufactured by CooperVision, a leading brand in the contact lens industry, this toric lens offers a comfortable and reliable solution for those needing astigmatism correction.

The Biofinity Toric lens incorporates advanced technology to provide outstanding visual acuity and superior comfort throughout the day. It utilizes a unique silicone hydrogel material called Aquaform, which allows for enhanced breathability, keeping the eyes healthy and hydrated. This allows wearers to experience long-lasting comfort, even in dry or challenging environments.

One of the key features of the Biofinity Toric contact lens is its optimized toric design. This design ensures stable and consistent visual correction for individuals with astigmatism. The lens has a specifically tailored shape and stability zones that help it stay in place, minimizing rotation and providing clear, crisp vision at all times.

With a monthly replacement schedule, the Biofinity Toric lens offers convenience and cost-effectiveness. It is designed to be worn daily, removed each night for cleaning and disinfection, and replaced with a fresh pair after 30 days. This makes it a great option for those seeking a reliable lens that doesn’t require frequent replacements.

Whether you spend long hours in front of a computer screen, enjoy outdoor activities, or have a busy lifestyle, the Biofinity Toric contact lens aims to meet your visual needs. Its exceptional comfort, stable fit, and reliable astigmatism correction make it a popular choice for individuals with astigmatism seeking clear, comfortable vision all day long.