1-DAY Acuvue Moist | 90 Pack


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Acuvue Moist 1-Day is a high-quality contact lens option provided by Acuvue, a renowned and trusted name in the contact lens industry. Designed to deliver exceptional comfort and convenience, these lenses offer a fresh and comfortable wearing experience for individuals seeking daily disposable lenses.

One of the standout features of Acuvue Moist 1-Day is its advanced LACREON® Technology. This technology integrates a moisture-rich agent directly into the lens material, providing a cushion of moisture that lasts throughout the entire day. This helps to combat dryness and discomfort, ensuring that your eyes stay hydrated and comfortable, even in challenging environments or during extended wear.

Furthermore, these lenses offer excellent visual clarity. Whether you have nearsightedness or farsightedness, Acuvue Moist 1-Day lenses are designed to correct and enhance your vision. The lens material allows for crisp and clear vision, helping you see the world around you with sharpness and accuracy.

Acuvue Moist 1-Day lenses also provide built-in UV protection. They block up to 82% of UVA and 97% of UVB rays, safeguarding your eyes from harmful sun exposure. This UV protection is essential for maintaining long-term eye health and preventing potential damage caused by UV radiation.

The convenience factor is another highlight of these lenses. As daily disposables, Acuvue Moist 1-Day lenses eliminate the need for cleaning and storing. Each lens comes individually packaged in a sterile blister pack, making it quick and easy to insert a fresh pair every day. This feature suits busy individuals and those who prefer the simplicity and hygiene of disposable lenses.

Overall, Acuvue Moist 1-Day lenses offer a reliable and comfortable solution for individuals seeking excellent vision, all-day moisture, and the convenience of daily disposables. Whether you are new to contact lenses or an experienced wearer, these lenses provide the quality and performance that Acuvue is renowned for.


Lens type

Daily disposable soft contact lenses

Package details

90 contact lenses in buffered saline with povidone


Material and % of content

42% etafilcon A

Water % of content



Johnson & Johnson


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