Biofinity Toric Multifocal | 6 Pack


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Biofinity Toric Multifocal contact lenses offer a remarkable solution for individuals who simultaneously experience astigmatism and presbyopia. Developed by CooperVision, a leading brand in the realm of contact lenses, these lenses provide advanced vision correction that meets the specific needs of those with both astigmatism and age-related near vision difficulties.

The key feature of Biofinity Toric Multifocal lenses lies in their innovative design, which combines the benefits of toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses. This unique configuration ensures exceptional visual acuity across all distances – from near to intermediate to far – allowing wearers to see clearly and comfortably in all situations.

These lenses are crafted using highly breathable silicone hydrogel material, allowing for excellent oxygen permeability. This promotes natural eye health, keeping your eyes moist and comfortable throughout the day. Thanks to CooperVision’s Aquaform® Technology, the lenses retain moisture, minimizing dryness and irritation that can be caused by contact lens wear.

The precise and accurate fitting of Biofinity Toric Multifocal lenses is supported by their Balanced Progressive® Technology. This advanced design seamlessly integrates different prescription powers across the lens, providing a smooth transition between near, intermediate, and distance vision. This means you can effortlessly switch your focus between tasks, whether it’s reading a book, looking at a computer screen, or enjoying a scenic view.

Biofinity Toric Multifocal lenses are not only designed to deliver excellent visual performance but also to offer incredible comfort and convenience. These lenses are approved for extended wear, allowing you to wear them for up to 6 nights and 7 days continuously, without the need for removal and cleaning. This flexibility suits individuals with busy lifestyles or those who prefer the ease and convenience of extended wear lenses.

Furthermore, Biofinity Toric Multifocal lenses are made from a soft and flexible material, ensuring a comfortable fit on your eyes. With their optimized geometry, these lenses remain stable and secure on your eyes, minimizing rotation or lens movement, which can affect vision clarity.

By choosing Biofinity Toric Multifocal contact lenses, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced technology and exceptional vision correction. These lenses offer a convenient, comfortable, and effective solution for individuals with astigmatism and presbyopia, allowing you to maintain clear, crisp vision at all distances. Consult with your eye care practitioner to determine if Biofinity Toric Multifocal lenses are the right fit for you.