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MyDay Multifocal contact lenses are a fantastic solution for those who require vision correction for both distance and near vision. These contact lenses are designed and manufactured by CooperVision, a well-respected brand in the field of eye care.

These multifocal contact lenses are made with the latest silicone hydrogel material, which ensures excellent oxygen transmission to the eyes, resulting in a comfortable wearing experience throughout the day. The lenses feature an advanced optical design that integrates different prescription powers for seeing objects clearly at various distances.

One of the standout features of MyDay Multifocal contact lenses is their Smart Silicone chemistry, which combines high oxygen permeability with a low water content. This unique combination results in a highly breathable lens that resists dehydration, provides exceptional comfort and promotes good eye health.

The lenses also incorporate CooperVision’s proprietary Aquaform Technology, which helps keep the lenses moist and comfortable for extended periods. This technology allows for an ideal balance between high oxygen permeability, hydration, and lens softness, all contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience.

Additionally, MyDay Multifocal contact lenses offer UV protection. They block harmful UV rays, helping to shield the eyes from the potential long-term damage caused by exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. However, it’s important to note that these lenses are not a substitute for UV-blocking sunglasses, as they do not cover the entire eye and surrounding areas.

MyDay Multifocal contact lenses are available in a wide range of prescription powers to suit individual needs. They are designed to be replaced on a daily basis, ensuring a fresh and clean lens every day, without the hassle of cleaning and storage.

Overall, MyDay Multifocal contact lenses offer a seamless transition between different focal points, providing clear vision for both near and far distances. With their exceptional comfort and advanced technology, these lenses are an excellent choice for individuals who require multifocal correction without compromising on comfort, convenience, and eye health.