Non-Vented Scleral Cup


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A Non-Vented Scleral Cup is a specialized tool designed for the insertion of scleral lenses. Made of high-quality, hypoallergenic materials such as silicone or plastic, the cup securely holds the lens in place during the application process.

Unlike vented cups, non-vented cups do not have any holes or vents. This design allows for a more controlled and precise insertion of the lens, as there is no air escaping between the cup and the eye. This can be particularly helpful for users who prefer a more controlled application process or who have difficulty with air bubbles getting trapped under the lens.

To use the Non-Vented Scleral Cup, the user simply places the cup over the lens and gently presses it against the eye. The absence of vents ensures a snug fit and minimizes the risk of air bubbles forming under the lens, resulting in a more comfortable and secure application.


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