Tangible Clean Solution 3.4 oz



Tangible Clean Solution 3.4 oz is a compact and convenient cleaning solution specially designed for rigid gas permeable (RGP) and hard contact lenses. This smaller bottle size contains 3.4 oz of the cleaning solution, making it ideal for travel or for those who prefer a more portable option.

The Tangible Clean Solution is formulated to effectively remove protein deposits, debris, and other impurities that can build up on the surface of contact lenses. Regular use of this solution helps to maintain the cleanliness and clarity of the lenses, ensuring comfortable and clear vision for the wearer.

To use the Tangible Clean Solution 3.4 oz, simply apply a few drops of the solution onto the lens and gently rub the lens with clean fingers to clean the surface thoroughly. Rinse the lens with sterile saline solution or multipurpose solution before reinserting them into the eye.

Despite its smaller size, the Tangible Clean Solution 3.4 oz offers the same gentle yet effective cleaning power as its larger counterparts. It provides a convenient and portable option for users to keep their RGP and hard contact lenses clean and comfortable, even when on the go.