Biofinity xr | 6 Pack


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The Biofinity family of contact lenses, including the Biofinity and Biofinity XR lenses, is a line of high-quality vision correction products. Developed by a reputable company, these lenses are crafted with advanced technology and materials to ensure optimal comfort and visual acuity.

Featuring a unique silicone hydrogel material called Comfilcon A, the Biofinity lenses provide excellent oxygen permeability, allowing more oxygen to reach the eyes and promoting eye health. With a high water content, these lenses also offer superior moisture retention, reducing the chances of dryness and discomfort during wear.

The Biofinity XR lenses specifically cater to individuals with higher prescriptions for nearsightedness or farsightedness. They provide an extended range of prescription powers to ensure precise vision correction, even for those with severe refractive errors.

These lenses are designed with wearer comfort in mind, providing a comfortable fit and promoting healthier eyes. They are ideal for individuals who require consistent vision correction throughout the day.

The Biofinity family of lenses is widely recommended and trusted by eye care professionals. Detailed product specifications, including lens diameter, base curve, and water content, are available to assist practitioners in determining the best fit for their patients.

Additionally, resources such as fitting guides, patient education materials, and product training are provided to support eye care professionals in delivering optimal care and ensuring patients have a positive contact lens experience.

Overall, the Biofinity and Biofinity XR lenses are advanced vision correction options that offer comfort, excellent visual performance, and a wide range of prescription powers. They are suitable for individuals with various vision needs and are backed by a trusted company in the field of eye care.


Lens type

Monthly disposable soft contact lenses

Package details

6 tinted soft contact lenses in buffered saline


Material and % of content

52% comfilcon A

Water % of content





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