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Why So Many People Are Interested in Blue Contacts

Woman with blue contacts

Brown eyes good, blue eyes better Blue eyes have always been considered one of the most striking and mesmerizing eye colors. They have a certain allure and charm that has captivated people for centuries. It’s no wonder then that thousands of people search for blue contacts every month, looking to enhance their natural eye color […]

Warby Parker Now Sells Contact Lenses – Should I Buy From Them?

Warby Parker glasses

Warby Parker For Contact Lenses Warby Parker, the beloved eyewear retailer known for its chic and affordable glasses, has recently made a foray into the world of contact lenses. This expansion of their product line has sparked interest among customers who are loyal to the brand. Many are now wondering if they should take advantage […]

Did You Know You Don’t Need to Buy Your Contacts from America’s Best?

America's Best Contacts

Buying Contac Lenses From America’s Best When it comes to purchasing contact lenses, many people automatically turn to popular retailers like America’s Best for their eye care needs. While America’s Best may offer budget-friendly contact lens and glasses exams, did you know that you don’t need to buy your contacts from them? There are other […]

Should You Be Buying Your Contact Lenses at Costco?

Precision1 Contact Lens Trials

When purchasing contact lenses, many people turn to popular retailers such as Costco for their convenience and affordability. However, there may be a better option for those looking to save money on their contact lens purchases – Michigan Contact Lens. MCL has been gaining popularity for its consistently low prices on a variety of contact […]

Considering Buying Contacts From Walmart? They’re Aren’t the Cheapest…

Infuse Contact Lens Fitting Set

Should you be buying contact lenses from Walmart? When it comes to buying contact lenses, there are a few key factors to consider: quality, convenience, and price. Many people turn to big box retailers like Walmart for their contact lens needs, assuming that they offer the best deals on popular brands like Acuvue, Bausch + […]

Where to Buy Infuse Contact Lenses

Infuse Multifocal contact lens fitting set

The Quality of Infuse Contact Lenses When it comes to purchasing contact lenses, finding the right brand and retailer can make all the difference in ensuring comfort and clarity of vision. Infuse contact lenses, produced by Bausch and Lomb, are a popular choice among contact lens wearers for their high quality and comfortable fit. In […]

Adapting with Ease: A Guide on How to Adjust to Multifocal Contact Lenses

Woman Adjusting to multifocal contact lenses

Adjusting to Multifocal Contact Lenses If you’ve recently switched to multifocal contact lenses, you may be experiencing some challenges adjusting to them. Blurry distance vision, difficulty reading, and overall discomfort are common issues faced by new users. However, with some patience and the right techniques, you can adapt to multifocal contact lenses with ease. In […]