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Spotlight 1: Seeing Clearly With Keratoconus

Meet "Barry Keratoconus"

A 74 year old male with kerataconus was referred for a new glasses prescription. He had been wearing small diameter Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lenses for over 40 years. This patient was completely reliant on his contacts because he could not see out of his glasses due to too much glare and distortion and was referred for a second opinion.

Keratoconus patient eye

Figure 1: Nodule adjacent to where the nasal side of the left lens was sitting on the cornea.


After checking vision and a few external tests, a glasses prescription was attempted. However, this patient’s responses were all over the place and highly inconsistent from one click to the next. Anterior segment imaging was performed as well as slit lamp examination and there was significant cornea warpage found from chronic wear of the RGPs. This means the cornea was actually irregularly bent which was causing the inconsistent responses. Additionally, on slit lamp examination, there was a large nodule on the left cornea. You can think of this as a callus that developed adjacent to where his lens was sitting on his eye.

After discussing the findings with the patient and referring the ophthalmologist, we recommended discontinuing the use of the RGPs and to be fit with scleral lenses instead.

What Happened Next?

The patient’s cornea is no longer warped

There are no more nodules and the cornea warpage has resolved since discontinuing RGPs.

Barry said this was the “best vision I’ve ever had!!”

Scleral lenses fit over the entire cornea providing much more crisp and complete vision than small diameter RGPs which only sit on a small portion of the cornea.

This patient can wear glasses on nights and weekends to give his eyes a break. 

The cornea is healthier so vision is tolerable (not a fish bowl).

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